These one hour shows feature lots of NEW MUSIC. They are offered here in an uninterrupted music stream for your listening pleasure. Hopefully - you'll hear something NEW on this show and want to add it to your music collection.

*NOTES on music selection for "Lost and Found"
These songs are selected from CD's that come highly recommended. Most of the
music on these shows would be considered "rock" although some songs may
fit into more than one genre.

Lost & Found # 1

Lost & Found # 2

Lost & Found # 3

Lost & Found # 4

Lost & Found # 5

Lost & Found # 6

Lost & Found # 7

Lost & Found # 8 posted 12/12/2012

These 8 shows highlight 115 excellent CD's recommended by Museament Productions!

You are encouraged to continue purchasing music CD's and help support the artists who make this music possible. If the price of a new CD is too much for your budget - you can find many new releases (and older CD's) available on-line at bargain prices!