About Muse-a-ment Productions

Founded in 2002 by Gary DePiro, Muse-a-ment Productions was created to help promote innovation in music, both in production and on the public airwaves.

We have seen the quality of radio programming in the USA deteriorate over the years, especially with the loosening of media ownership rules in 1996. Many commercial stations play the same songs, over and over again -with just a small amount of new music mixed in. This does not serve the public interest or music enthusiast very well - especially when new music and new artists are waiting to be discovered.

Muse-a-ment Productions will seek out the best new talent, and give them a place on our radio show "Lost and Found". You can hear these new artists and some old favorites as well via our Streaming Audio.

We look forward to exploring the possibilities of music, whether it is in the blending of genres' for a completely unique sound or creating new, innovative radio programs. Stay tuned for something NEW at Muse-a-ment.com!

Gary DePiro - BIO
I was interested in music from a very early age. I took my first piano lesson at seven and continued on with lessons until my early teens. I later studied music theory in college and went on to develop my own style of playing. Although piano is my main instrument, I have recently taken up the guitar to help augment my songwriting tools.

I got involved with college radio in 1988 at Western Washington University's KUGS 89.3 FM. (Bellingham, WA) It was a great experience and lasted for four years until they changed their music format - and I no longer had artistic control of the playlist. I continued on at KSVR in Mt. Vernon, WA until 1995, when a full time job in Bellingham soon ended my DJ days.

I returned to community radio in 2005 to produce a local music show for KMRE called "Northwest Soundscapes". KMRE (102.3 LPFM) is a new low power FM station broadcasting out of the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention in Bellingham, WA. There were a total of 20 shows recorded and have been broadcast on KMRE and KAVZ (in Van Zandt, WA)

My new show "Lost and Found" features mostly new music and can be heard on this website. This radio series will also be offered to (low-power) FM stations in the Bellingham area. I believe that New Music is sadly lacking on most commercial radio stations. This New Music program will help promote many unknown artists that deserve to be heard. I will continue to push for radio industry reform, and creating a better system for giving new artists access to the public airwaves.