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Finding NEW MUSIC on (terrestrial) FM radio can be a challenge unless you are fortunate to live in an area where radio stations play a variety of new artists.

Many people search for new music on the internet and there are certainly many, many websites to investigate. I prefer to tune into RADIO and listen to what the DJ has selected for the airwaves. I currently live in Bellingham, WA and the only FM stations that play NEW MUSIC are the college station KUGS-FM and a few Canadian radio stations.

This website was started many years ago - before the internet was born. In order to have a successful music career - getting your music heard on FM radio was imperative. Here you will find ideas for RADIO REFORM - where the public is invited to preview NEW MUSIC for our public airwaves. Each participant would be rewarded with free CD's and other prizes in this "imagining" of how to help the music industry.

Learn more about how you can help to improve radio programming in your area. Our Radio Reform page has many useful LINKS and suggestions on how you can become more involved.

OPEN LETTER TO RADIO - December 2015


I was fortunate to grow up in the 60's and 70's - when FM radio was new - and many radio playlists were driven by the on-going discovery of NEW MUSIC. You never knew what new sounds you might discover - and the DJ's played songs based on merit (they actually liked it) and hoped that the listener would enjoy it too.

Radio provides a vital service to the community... READ MORE »

Read our "Fixing Radio" proposal - offering a solution to improve music programming on commercial radio. The "New Music/Radio Survey" invites the public to preview and rate NEW MUSIC for the public airwaves!

Stay tuned for updates and other new additions to this site. Your feedback and comments are always welcome.

Last updated 12/15/2015.